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1 – Initial Water Loss Response, Information, and Deductibles

2 – How To Know If Your Are Authorized To Call A Restoration Contractor

3 – How Do You Know Your Property Manager Charges The Deductible Back To The Unit Owner?

4 – Do You Feel Unsure About Signing Restoration Contractor Contracts and Work Authorizations?

5 – What Is and Isn’t Covered By An AOAO Master Policy?

6 – Categories Of Water Loss

8 – If One Unit’s Water Loss Affects The Unit Below, Can The AOAO Stay Out Of It and Not File A Claim?

9 – How Much Do We Want to Advise Homeowners About Water and Mold Damage?

10 – Incident Reports

11 – Are There Notices We Can Post To Limit Liability Regarding Hanging Things on Fire Sprinkler Heads and Other Water Loss Causes?

12 – Mandated Plumbing Inspections

13 – What About Buildings Without Fire Sprinklers?

14 – Claims & Deferred Maintenance

15 – What Is A Preferred Vendor?

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