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In Hawaii, everything is carpeted. We’ve seen carpet installed in bathrooms, on walls, and even little pieces of carpet used as coasters for cold drinks. Carpet is an excellent floor covering, designed to offer cushion underfoot for reduced fatigue, sound and heat insulation, and to provide a large surface area for trapping airborne dust, soil, and other particulate. Carpet is basically a giant sponge that needs to be cleaned and properly maintained.

In order for a sponge to absorb water, it must first be dry. In like fashion, carpet fibers must be clean in order to capture and hold the dust and other particulate that have fallen from the air. From an indoor air quality standpoint, carpet is a huge asset to the maintenance of clean air in occupied spaces.

Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance

Carpets require their own maintenance in order to perform their job effectively. For this reason, most carpet manufacturers require annual, professional carpet cleaning of installed carpets to maintain their warranty. Many of these manufacturers specifically recommend, or require, hot-water extraction carpet cleaning methods. But doesn’t water ruin carpet? No. In fact, carpet is manufactured using a mostly wet process. The only thing that ruins carpet is incorrect cleaning techniques and poor maintenance.

MD Restoration is IICRC certified and trained to handle your carpet cleaning on Honolulu Hawaii, large or small, cut-pile or loop, padded or glued-down. Every installation is different, every residence is unique. Our technicians are trained to use multiple cleaning techniques and several different tools in order to extract the most soil possible from your carpet fibers. The most popular tools are our truck-mounted, hot-water extraction cleaning units. These systems are built into our vans, and use the vans’ engine and coolant to run the vacuum blower and heat the solution supply. In essence, we harness the power of a V8 truck engine to clean, rinse, and neutralize the fibers in your carpet. We think that should do the trick, don’t you?

For high rise complexes and apartment buildings, we employ portable hot-water extraction units. These little giants use the same process as our truck-mounted systems, only in a portable package. For commercial installations and glue-down type carpets, we can use a combination of strategies. For maintenance purposes, we use a process called “encapsulation”. This is the application of a specially formulated cleaning agent that bonds to soils and crystallizes into larger particles that can be easily vacuumed out. The beauty of this technique is that the carpet continues to get cleaner as the maintenance staff performs their daily or weekly vacuuming process. Then, on an annual or semi-annual basis, we can use our truck-mount systems to get a good rinse of the residual soil left over from the maintenance process.

Honolulu Carpet Cleaning Care

More important than the cleaning process and equipment, is our relationship with you, our client. What makes an MD Restoration carpet cleaning job successful is our understanding of your needs, our inspection and evaluation of your carpet, and our communication with you about the expectations and results we can achieve with your specific installation. Yes, some stains cannot be removed, your stairs may be faded from the sun, and your carpet fibers may be damaged and frayed at your front door. These are common issues on a carpet cleaning project, but if we don’t communicate that to you, what expectation are we creating? Our job is to give you the information you need to make informed decisions about your carpet cleaning and maintenance program. After all, the most important issues here are your health and wellness.

To schedule your Honolulu carpet cleaning service, or for questions and pricing, please give us a call at 808-528-3434. This is the direct line to our Honolulu carpet cleaning division.